Monday, June 8, 2009

It's okay!

Sorry for the late update, had a bunch of unrelated family drama that took up a lot of my time since my last post. So my Dr visit was ok, she tried to listen for the heartbeat with the doppler but was unable to. Which she said was normal as it was still early. But she knew how anxious it was making me so she was able to get me in for an ultrasound that day butI had to drive to their other office which is about 30 minutes away. I really didn't want to go by myself just in case. It so sucks to think that way but it is just my reality. I called hubby but didn't think he could make it in time. So I called my Mom and she met me there. My mom went in with me and surprisingly hubby made it too. There on the screen was a beautiful little baby with little arms and legs moving all over! I cried so hard, I was so surprised that everything was still alright. And that is how I continue, continually in a state of disbelief.


Living With Loss said...

I'm so pleased everything is still going well!

PJ said...

Oh! Yay!!! That is so fantastic!

I've been reading up. I know I will feel a lot like you have been. I just got my 2nd beta and am waiting for my u/s 2 weeks from now. I can't believe I've got to wait two whole weeks with nothing! I can't even POAS, because that wouldn't tell me anything.

Keep us updated, k! When is your next ultrasound?

Anonymous said...

So glad they ended up being able to do the ultrasound that day - and so happy for you that everything is okay!

She said...

That's wonderful news! I'm sorry that you had to go through so much torture to get there though!

Astrid said...

Oh my gosh, that must have been the hardest thirty minutes of your life! And the longest. I'm so glad everything's ok, i've been checking the blog and hoping it was nothing serious keeping you away.

Hannah said...

Thank you sooo much for sharing your story! I just turn 24 and found out I was pregnant again! I have had three miscarriages my first 7/07, second 05/08 and last10/08.
My husband and I are excited but are not over hopeful. And to make thing more complicated our isurance has changed and we are going to a different hospital and I would have already had my first "wand" ultrasound by now. I have my first appointment on Monday, but it is with a nurse.
So that just add a little more stress.
I will pray for you!
Good Luck!