Saturday, March 28, 2009

So my cycle is running a little early

So I went to see the RE on Thursday. She saws that my estradial was very high for day 3 and that she suspected that even though it was day 3 of my bleeding it wasn't "really" my day 3. Hmm... The day of the appointment would have been day 14 of my cycle so she wanted to know if I felt like I was going to ovulate. Nope, actually I told her I think I already did because of have been using the OPKs since Sun with no positives.

Before I even got there I began having thoughts that my cycle was off. About a week prior I had some pains in my side and a massive headache, but dismissed them. But this would have put me ovulating almost a week early.

So RE did an ultrasound right then, and said yep, you already ovulated. She also noticed that my old corpus lutem cyst from the last cycle was still there as well as the new corpus lutem cyst. She said that this is not concerning though, so I will believe her.

So my hubby and I sat there counting back the days and figuring out when we had sex and sure enough it was all right around the time of early ovulation. we wait.

RE says that if I don't get a period in the next 10 days then to call and come in for blood work. She is not sure if the early ovulation is just a fluke thing after the D & C or if I have been consistently ovulating early. So at least we have one lead to chase for now. But she said I could be pregnant now, but it would have been too early for her to see anything on the ultrasound. So we just have to wait...

Waiting sucks..

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am sad, it was a girl...

Well my OB called today to tell me the chromosomal results from the D & C were in. It was normal, and it was a girl.

I cried for awhile. My heart breaking....

I knew in my heart it was a girl. Some people asked why did you want to know? I think I needed to know if I could so I could have better closure.

But still I am grieving for my lost little girl...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The bloodwork is in, and it is not so good.

So I finally called the Dr's office back and asked to speak to a nurse. I just had some questions that needed to be answered.

Turns out the reason they changed the plan for the clomid is that my FSH/estradiol test results did not come back in the normal range.

My FSH was fine at 3. But my estradiol was very high at 260. Which explains why they did the HCG pregnancy screen. So they feel that the chances of sucess is low so they will not treat this cycle. What this all means she says I will have to discuss with the Dr. So at least I have some idea of what is going on...

But this is the first test I have had that did not come back normal, so maybe we are the right track to getting an answer..

I guess I will just have to wait to find out.

So AF has arrived...but still in medical limbo

Alright, so I go my period on Thursday and called the RE like I was told to. Only to find out she was out of the office for the day and there was no note on my chart as to what the next step was. They told me to call back Friday morning. I call back Friday morning, and they still don't know. They left a message for the Dr but hadn't gotten a response yet. They finally call me back late Friday and say that I have to get bloodwork done on Saturday for a Day 3 FSH and Estradiol. And that I probably would be getting clomid. Receptionist asks me to call Monday morning to get an appointment as the computers are already down.

So I get the bloodwork Saturday, call Monday morning. They don't have the results so they ask me to call back in 2 hours while they speak to the Dr.

I call back 2 hours later, still no results, still no note on my file as what to do. But Dr did ask them to call lab and get them to run an HCG level on bloodwork. ???? I am definately not pregnant but whatever.

I call then again 2 hours later now it is about 3pm and they close at 4pm. Still no results, they tell me they will call me before they close.

4:30pm I go to the bathroom and sure enough the phone rings while I am in there. Damn! I don't get to it in time. They leave a message, that my HCG is less than 2, so call in the morning, since they are now closed, and get an appointment to come in to talk to Dr.

So I called them this morning, and Dr want to speak to me. The next available appointment is next week Thursday. I ask if my bloodwork came back normal and all they will say is that is what the Dr wants to talk to you about. WTF!

I ask if we can try this cycle, or if we should wait. Receptionist puts me on hold and then comes back and says Dr said you can do it if you want? What???

So now I am majorly stressing over this. Ugh! I will keep you updated... not sure what to make of all this...

Monday, March 9, 2009

I am still around...initial test results are in.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but there hasn't been much to report. Just going about life waiting for AF to show so we can start treatment with the RE. I joined weight watchers to try to get rid of the 60lbs I gained with my son. And have lost 8 lbs so far. Just focusing on getting healthy and eating better. I would love to get back into my old clothes

The bloodwork that the RE did is back and everything is normal. Which is good and bad at the same time. I wish something had shown up, since that would give us something to treat, but it is good that there is nothing wrong as well. Oh well. RE still feels it has to do with my hormones leading up to and after ovulation so we will see.

Still no results from the chromosomal testing, guess that takes about 8 weeks.

RE said just to call them the day I get my first period and they will have me come right in. I am hoping that AF is coming this week as it will be 4 weeks since the D & C, and my husband has said I am being rather bitchy.

I guess there is times when bitchy is a good sign.

I will keep you posted