Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So AF has arrived...but still in medical limbo

Alright, so I go my period on Thursday and called the RE like I was told to. Only to find out she was out of the office for the day and there was no note on my chart as to what the next step was. They told me to call back Friday morning. I call back Friday morning, and they still don't know. They left a message for the Dr but hadn't gotten a response yet. They finally call me back late Friday and say that I have to get bloodwork done on Saturday for a Day 3 FSH and Estradiol. And that I probably would be getting clomid. Receptionist asks me to call Monday morning to get an appointment as the computers are already down.

So I get the bloodwork Saturday, call Monday morning. They don't have the results so they ask me to call back in 2 hours while they speak to the Dr.

I call back 2 hours later, still no results, still no note on my file as what to do. But Dr did ask them to call lab and get them to run an HCG level on bloodwork. ???? I am definately not pregnant but whatever.

I call then again 2 hours later now it is about 3pm and they close at 4pm. Still no results, they tell me they will call me before they close.

4:30pm I go to the bathroom and sure enough the phone rings while I am in there. Damn! I don't get to it in time. They leave a message, that my HCG is less than 2, so call in the morning, since they are now closed, and get an appointment to come in to talk to Dr.

So I called them this morning, and Dr want to speak to me. The next available appointment is next week Thursday. I ask if my bloodwork came back normal and all they will say is that is what the Dr wants to talk to you about. WTF!

I ask if we can try this cycle, or if we should wait. Receptionist puts me on hold and then comes back and says Dr said you can do it if you want? What???

So now I am majorly stressing over this. Ugh! I will keep you updated... not sure what to make of all this...

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