Saturday, March 28, 2009

So my cycle is running a little early

So I went to see the RE on Thursday. She saws that my estradial was very high for day 3 and that she suspected that even though it was day 3 of my bleeding it wasn't "really" my day 3. Hmm... The day of the appointment would have been day 14 of my cycle so she wanted to know if I felt like I was going to ovulate. Nope, actually I told her I think I already did because of have been using the OPKs since Sun with no positives.

Before I even got there I began having thoughts that my cycle was off. About a week prior I had some pains in my side and a massive headache, but dismissed them. But this would have put me ovulating almost a week early.

So RE did an ultrasound right then, and said yep, you already ovulated. She also noticed that my old corpus lutem cyst from the last cycle was still there as well as the new corpus lutem cyst. She said that this is not concerning though, so I will believe her.

So my hubby and I sat there counting back the days and figuring out when we had sex and sure enough it was all right around the time of early ovulation. we wait.

RE says that if I don't get a period in the next 10 days then to call and come in for blood work. She is not sure if the early ovulation is just a fluke thing after the D & C or if I have been consistently ovulating early. So at least we have one lead to chase for now. But she said I could be pregnant now, but it would have been too early for her to see anything on the ultrasound. So we just have to wait...

Waiting sucks..


PJ said...

They need to come up with some alarm that goes off at your LH surge! LOL! Something really loud and indescrite!

It would be kind of cool if you got pregnant this cycle without even "trying". :)

...of course pregnant with staying power, ya know.

Living With Loss said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you for some positive news in 10 days!

amylynn said...

I hate those damn liar opk's. I hope your wait goes by fast.

just me said...

just found your blog and like you have had trouble staying pregnant. i have my fingers crossed for a sticky egg :)