Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2nd Trimester! Still hanging in there!

So here it is week 17! I really can't believe it. I am still in a constant state of disbelief. I still tend to "forget" that I am pregnant. Although I do have a belly, it is that in between stage where people are wondering is she pregnant or does she just drink too much beer. I am still stressing, but not as regularly. I listen to the baby's heartbeat everyday with the doppler and do get upset when I don't find it right away. This drives my husband absolutely nuts.

I go back the OB next week on the 28th and then the "big" ultrasound is scheduled for August 4th. The Genetics place is having me come back there to have the ultrasound. I am still really nervous about this. But whatever will be will be. My husband really wants to know the sex of the baby. We didn't find out with our first, he was a surprise. So that will be different. I am wondering if knowing what the baby is will make me more bonded? I do worry about mistakes though. Someone I know just had a baby a month or so ago and they told her she was having a another girl, so they had everything ready and had been calling "her" Alexandra since they found out. And surprise, surprise, "she" turned out to be an he. A little shocking. But I figure they only had the one big ultrasound where I will be having monthly ultrasounds so I guess I can just have them make sure each month.

The last few weeks have been pretty calm. Just the regular pregnancy issues, still craving salad, still tired, heartburn has started. Trying hard not to gain too much weight. But what can you do.

Just wanted to update you all, thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.


Tracy said...

Our u/s is the next day!

How exciting!!!

I, too, get freaked out when I can't find the heart beat right away on the doppler. But, its so nice when I do find it. <3

Cheryl said...

Still praying for you and the baby. Thanks for the update. Cheryl

Anne said...

This is so exciting!! I can imagine you are worrying about every little symptom. I know I did that but had a healthy baby. Keep updating.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Sorry, wasn't even looking at the dates when I commented earlier!! You're 17 weeks!!! Good on ya, ma!