Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Sorry I didn't post sooner, but we had some internet problems and I couldn't get online.

So we had our ultrasound at 9am on Friday, it went ok. There was a sack and a yolk sac, and the start of a fetal pole, no heartbeat yet. RE is optimistic, she is dating me at 5 weeks and says this is perfectly normal for 5 weeks. So we wait and do another ultrasound a week later on Friday again. So that is it.

I have told my family and some close friends so I can lean on them, but other than that I am still going on as if I am not pregnant. My boobs still hurt and I am exhausted, so these are good signs. But I am still just taking it day by day until Friday.

My new mantra is "I am pregnant today, that this all that matters right now."

Thank you all for the kind thoughts and posts, it means the world to me.


A said...

yay! happy mother's day to you! keeping my fingers crossed for ya

Tracy said...

Gosh- that is basically what I keep saying to myself. "I'm pregnant today". Last week I had my u/s and there was a gestational sac, and a yolk sac, but no fetal pole. I go back in today to hopefully see the whole deal. I'm glad that you were able to see what you needed to see. That has to be a bit reassuring at least. ;)

Barefoot said...

Congrats on the good ultrasound! Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you.