Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's going down!!!! Happy & Sad at the same time...

Had my last blood draw monday morning, and was due to see the Dr later that day. I started bleeding much heavier on Sunday.

Dr told me that Hcg beta went down to 66! So she was very please it halved itself. So she feels comfortable just monitoring me every two days with blood test until it is down to zero!

Hurrah no shots!

Dr wants us to wait a full cycle before trying to conceive again and wants me to call her the minute I get a BFP. Because she wants to do hcg levels from day one until they determine if it is viable or not. She also wants me to take baby aspirin and progestrone as well.

But right now the bleeding is quite heavy and I am feeling pretty crampy, and even though all this drama kinda of obsured it, the reality is I lost a third little angel ... and I am still sad about that.

So I am going to go lie back down and say a prayer for this baby and the others I lost.

Angel #1- missed m/c May 2006
Angel #2- m/c August 2007
Angel #3- m/c suspected ectopic December 2008

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